The Dark Hedges, Carrick-A-Rede, The Giants Causeway And So Much

If someone asks me to describe in one word Ireland, I would surely say: nature. Nothing more, nothing less.

Before starting a trip you always create an idea in your mind about how the place will be, and the expectations are varied, sometimes they could be Fulfilled, sometimes not.

Well, in my case in regards to Ireland my expectations have been totally fulfilled . For sure I expected that it would be so green, but I have never imagined landscapes so amazing! When you are in these places you understand that the best places  you can visit are not so much cities but the wild unlimited landscapes, where the beauty stretches as far as the eye can see.

I have experienced this feeling mostly on my last day tour with Extreme Ireland. The tour provided a visit to the dark hedges, the tree-lined road made  famous by the Game of Thrones. Once we got off the coach we walked along this road: walking between these 300-year-old beech trees is a fabulous sensation and the atmosphere created was so mysterious.

The next stage was Carrick-a-Reid Rope Bridge: to reach the rope bridge we had to walk for about 15 minutes, in which the views that you experience were breathtaking. Walking along the path, surrounded only by green expanses, plants and the ocean is a feeling that maybe you can explain only when you try it.

For someone who lives in a big city, like me, maybe it is more shocking seeing this unspoiled nature which extends for kilometres. The suspended bridge connects the little island of Carrick to the land: it is 20-meters long and is fixed to the 30-meter cliff. This area was very rich in salmon which is why the fishermen originally built this bridge to facilitate the passage from one side to the other and to fish for salmon from the bridge. Obviously the surrounding landscape is Stunning and walking on that bridge makes you feel really suspended in nothingness, or better between the land and the sea.

The next stage was the Giant’s Causeway, but before I talk about this place I should tell you this legend …

… Finn McCool, an Irish giant, built this causeway to reach by foot Scotland and fight against the rival giant Angus. But Finn realized on seeing Angus  that the rival was so much bigger than him so he decided to retreat, forgetting to destroy the causeway. Angus then decided to go and do battle with Finn. Finns wife disguised Finn as a baby and when Angus  arrived in Ireland and saw the giant’s baby, who was very big, he got scared because he imagined that the Father would have been massive, so he ran back to Scotland destroying the Causeway behind him. All that remains is what you see in Northern Ireland and a small causeway in Scotland.

For sure this is just a legend, but after I have listened to this and being in this place everything seemed to be more magical. In reality these rocks are basalt columns formed after a volcanic eruption, and thanks to the water and the atmosphere, amazing rocks have been created. This is a really striking, intriguing and amazing place. All these rocks seem to create enormous steps and they also create a contrasts between light and dark which is wonderful. Here the atmosphere is almost magical. I had this sensation also because I had the luck to have seen a rainbow in this place and it made everything much more spectacular.

Being in a place like this gives you a feeling of freedom and absolute light hardheartedness… a priceless feeling! These are those travel experiences which you bring with you in your heart and in your mind… so I really recommend to try it with our team! We are waiting for you with open arms :)

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