Our Tour Guides

Each and every one of our tour guides are carefully picked with a true passion for the great outdoors. Our guides are not only professionals in the field of tourism, but have also acquired an expertise within other related areas of interest such as history, geography, mythology and of course the enchanting skill of storytelling. Not to mention, they may even serenade you with a traditional Irish ballad that will leave you mesmerized.

Our guides are easily ranked to be the most qualified and genuinely welcoming of all the specialists in the field of tourism. They especially enjoy leading you safely off of the beaten path in order to uniquely explore a few hidden gems, all the while hearing mysterious legends of long ago.

Not to mention that along the way you may even learn a line or two of Gaelic, such as the word “craic” which means fun. Therefore, when we use the term “having the craic” in Ireland it actually means that we are having a good time! So prepare yourselves for a fun-filled experience!

Imagine an adventure that clears your mind from the hassles of daily life and instead embraces the serene landscapes, sounds and scents of the natural world. Encounter places where the spirit soars and the soul regains its balance. Ultimately, allow our guides the privilege of revealing the wonders that Ireland has to offer for which the memories will stay with you forever.